Top 3 Reasons Why I Decided to Work Online as a Freelancer

I don't have to commute.

Traffic sucks. Commuting takes away valuable hours from our lives. An hour or two stuck in traffic 6 days a week roughly translates to 600 hours a year! I realized, I could have read a lot of books by then, taken a vacation, or completed a short training course!

I can be my own boss.

Have you ever had a micro manager - a boss who controls the very littlest details of your job, who is always there breathing down your neck? Stressful, right? I had one, too! Since I'm dictated by the 8 to 5 workday, I can't just decide to log out and go home without getting dire consequences, can I?
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It's time to work anywhere, anytime and in my own terms.

Freelancing is considered work-at-home but it could be anywhere - in the park, at Starbucks, while sipping a smoothie by the beach!  I'm sure my client won't mind where I'm sitting, as long as I have my computer and internet connection with me.

I don't have to get up as early (like 4 AM, to avoid the 6 AM rush hour) I could work as little, or as much as I want to, depending on how much I want to earn. Of course, there'll be deadlines, too but with proper time management, I can dictate what time I'm going to go to work.

Done with office politics.
There are times that I wanted to tear some co-worker's hair because of some petty office injustice. Who says grapevines grow on vineyards? I suppose I got tired of these silly, subtle, and not so subtle politicking.

I'm saving my dress allowance.

Working in a call center requires you to power dress most of the time. Most days I have to wear something that is within the given theme of the day, and boy! it costs me heaps! So now, I decided to go to work in my robes and in my PJ's.

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