The Mystery of Webinars

Do you live off Facebook? Do you eat, drink, breathe Facebook? I'm sure most of us do. But unlike what other people think that we FB addicts only think Me, Me, and more Me, we can actually pick up valuable tips and opportunities for self-growth on this social site.

One of them is an invitation to attend a free webinar about online freelancing. The title of the webinar is Online Jobs Career Orientation : Know If Having an Online Job Career Is RIGHT For You! by Coach Genesis of Online Jobs University.

I'm a new virtual assistant, having jumped into the online freelancing bandwagon just this July 2013, so I know there are still a lot to learn about freelancing. I am glad that there are FREE Webinars such as this.

First things first.

What is a Webinar?

Wikipedia defines it as a seminar held over the internet. Web seminar. Webinar. Get it? =) A webinar makes it possible to attend conferences and live meetings without leaving your home. A webinar is very cost-effective for both the presenter and the attendees in terms of time and venue especially for remote outsourcing and virtual staffing.

What can be shared in the Webinar? 

  • Presentations 
  • Web pages 
  • Other Multimedia content 

How to join a Webinar?

  1. You must be interested. (Yes, that's a no-brainer.) 
  2. You must be a registered participant. A registration link is provided. You will be asked for your email address and phone info. 
  3. Come to the webinar on time. 

Here is the registration confirmation that I received via my email.

  1. Bridge Link - This is a web page where all the attendees are accessing the webinar 
  2. Password to Log-in : This is your nominated Password you log-in to the bridge link
  3. Toll Number is the phone number to access the webinar using your phone line and the Attendee Access Code is used to verify or authenticate the attendee. 
What is the Etiquette during a Webinar?
At this time of posting, I haven't attended the webinar yet. In fact, I haven't joined ANY webinar yet. It will be my first time on Sunday, October 13th, 10am to 11am. So I don't know yet how it is inside. I'm going to cross the bridge when I get there and blog about it. Anyway. Of course, just like any face to face meeting, there are rules of behavior that we must take note of.
  1. Don't be late. Log-in a few minutes before schedule. Preparing your seat, so to speak. 
  2. IF you come in late, please do not demand to backtrack the discussion for you. 
  3. It is important that the phone line / cVOIP is dedicated to the webinar. If you have an important call in the middle of the webinar, it is advisable to just log-out and sign-in again instead of putting everyone on hold. The reason? Courtesy. Your phone's "hold music" might distract other participants. 
  4. Take note also of other background noise. It is recommended to Mute your line when necessary. 
  5. Listen carefully and take down notes. As in an actual class, please be prepared to ask and be asked questions. A webinar is supposed to be interactive. 
  6. Remember, this is a faceless conference so it is polite to introduce yourself first before speaking. Make your comments, suggestions, or questions clear and concise. 
  7. Respect the Host / Facilitator / Moderator of the Webinar. 

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