Strawberry Melon Froth

 One of the perks of working online and at home is that you do more, or less, in the kitchen. Which, in my case, I'm on the "less" part. Since I'm alone most days and considering the mall is just 10 minutes away, I tend not to cook and resort to fastfood instead. And so one day The BF said, "I love you, 'coz you're chubby," and I'm like, "OMG! Yeah I am." I realized I gained a few more pounds while sitting on my desk working away!

So I decided this morning that FROM.NOW.ON. I will include fruits in menu everyday. For starters, I bought this at the market:

  • 1 medium Melon
  •  A few Strawberries
  • 1 small can Evaporated Milk

I just cut the melon in half and scooped using my favorite spoon to catch the juices. I think that's a better way than cutting it into quarters. I washed the strawberries really well. These are not bought from the mall / supermarket so they are not perfect and have a little soil on them. I brought out my mother's blender and I realized that since we bought it 4 years ago, it was rarely used. Don't mind the remaining melon, I'm actually eating straight from the bowl. Such sweetness!

I also love Muzcovado (unrefined) sugar for it's molasses flavor, so I added a spoonful of it. Just 1 spoon, I don't want it to be too sweet.

Ooops! Don't forget to add the milk and a few ice cubes and run the blender for a minute.

The outcome is that my Strawberry Melon Froth (I made that name up) is not too smooth. I can still feel the strawberry pith  and small chunks of melon. That's how I like it. For smoother Strawberry melon Froth, blend it more.



Next time, I'm going to buy clear glass.

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