Belo Essentials : Glamourbox Special Edition February 2014

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In my previous post, I told you I received two boxes in the mail. This is the larger of the two and my first box from Glamourbox.

Let me tell you a little secret. I'm actually new to subscription boxes that's why I'm so excited about this! Glamourbox is one of the beauty subscription boxes available in the Philippines. To everyone who is not yet familiar with subscription boxes, these boxes contain an assortment of products with a common theme and you have to prepay or subscribe to avail the box.

Okay, let's go get the box! Ta-da!

The box itself is thick and sturdy and it came inside another shipping box. Glamourbox really took care of the shipping and handling. And they were fast! I ordered the box on February 21st and I received it on the 23rd ( I live outside NCR). I love you already, Glamourbox!

Let's see what's inside, shall we?

Woah! I got full-sized  Belo Essentials items!

Since I already have the Belo Sunexpert set, all I need for a summer getaway is beachwear and boy candy! Now before I get carried away, let's list what's in the set :
Belo Sunexpert Transparent Mist SPF50 (P449.75) | Belo Sunexpert Face Cover SPF40 (P329.75) | Belo Sunexpert Body Shield SPF 60 (P459.75)

What I like about this Belo line is that it is not too thick like other high SPF sunscreens. Also, I love the mist the most!

 And since I have a girl crush on Belo Beautiful Anne Curtis, getting the Beauty Deo set is a very, very nice surprise!

Belo Essentials Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (Aerosol 140ml P179.75)

Belo Essentials Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (Roll On 40ml P89.75)

Belo Essentials Underarm Whitening Cream( Fullsize 40g P799.75)

So for P595 I received P2,308.50 worth of Belo Essentials products! You have finally sealed my love for you, Glamourbox =)

I will be doing a  review about Belo Essentials products that i got from this box so watch out for that!

All in all, I am very happy with my Glamourbox. I will definitely get another one soon!

If you haven't tried Glamourbox yet, visit their website at



My First Impression : Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 1% BHA Gel Review

11:03:00 PM

Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 1% BHA Gel is part of my beauty haul from Saladbox. I normally exfoliate using facial scrubs only because I've had nightmares with skin peeling agents before. What peaked my interest with this item is that it is Color and Fragrance Free and it said on the back of the sample pack that No Animal Testing was done. For me, those are the best selling points with any product!


It's a water-based gel that spreads evenly on my face and neck. I was pleasantly surprised because I never felt any stinging or tingling sensation that I normally experience with exfoliating creams! And do you what's the best surprise of all? I saw results RIGHT AWAY! I knew that Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 1% BHA Gel is working because as I massaged the gel on my face, I felt dead skin falling away. I tell you, dead skin is being removed as I applied it! Whoa. I think I'm going to love this product.

Also, Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 1% BHA Gel contains natural extracts from Green Tea, Willow Herb and Purslane.

This product is perfect for Combination and Oily skin, especially with acne breakouts and large pores. My skin leans towards Combination, I don't have much problem with breakouts, but I really have to deal with wrinkles and ageing.

What I liked about the product:

Water-based. It's easily absorbed and not sticky on the face.
Fast results.
Fragrance Free.
Color Free.
Not tested on Animals.

What I don't like about the product: None that I can think of.

Directions for Use:
  • Use once or twice daily on clean and toned face 
  • Use Sunscreen during the day rated SPF15 or greater 
  • Contraindication: Do not use if you are allergic to Aspirin or its derivative. 

Price: Mid-range. The full-sized bottle (3.3 oz.) costs Php1,120.

Product availability: Online shopping only.

Will I buy this product? Yes, definitely.

Recommendation: I will give 4 out of 5 because of the price and availability. The price might be a little expensive to some. 


What do you think of this post? Have you tried any of Paula's Choice products?



SaladBox Unboxing : January - February 2014

2:55:00 AM

Finally, finally!


My first box of the 3-month subscription from Saladbox arrived today after almost ten weeks of waiting. Before we go to the much awaited unveiling of the box, let me tell you my first impression of Saladbox

Saladbox is the very first beauty subscription in the Philippines and I've read very good reviews about them in 2012 and the first half of 2013. So I made up my mind that I will get one as soon as I can.

The regular box cost P500 but last November, I subscribed to Saladbox Starter Plus Plan - Black Friday 2013 Promo for Php900.00 for a 3-month subscription. I was under the impression from their advertisements (on their website and FB page)  that I would get the December 2013 box but no! No, no, no! I am a virtual administrative assistant and I understand too well the mad Christmas rush so I waited. How I waited! 

So after a couple of email exchanges, I was let known that I'm in line for the Jan 2014 box (the December boxes were already sold out) which of course they didn't tell me when they received my payment. That got me disappointed. January came and went, still no box. First week of February, still no box. Second week, still no box in sight. I'm almost at the point of wanting to get my money back, but then, I wanted to give Saladbox a chance to redeem itself.

Oh, well. Moving on.

As I was saying, I received two packages today and in my excitement, I forgot to take a picture. One is larger and heavier, and the other one, almost half the size and weight. I'm not the save-the-best-for-last kind of girl (at least for presents and things in the mail), so I opened the larger one. Good news first.

(Drumroll, please!)

Okay. Stop.

It's not my Saladbox. It's from another subscription box which I ordered two days ago. 

The Saladbox is the smaller one. When I opened it, voila!

The back of the curation card with the list of contents. I noticed that the Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask in Honey was not included in the curation list.  I wonder why. Either they missed this typographical error or they just threw in the mask as an afterthought.

And there's another card explaining the delay of the boxes, sort of, stating that January-February 2014 Salad box is equivalent to one subscription only and that future Saladboxes will be delivered in the sample month.

 If I understand this correctly, the March 2014 Saladbox will be delivered in March and April Box will be in April, etc. (Mental note to self: email them to confirm.)

Now for the real deal, let's  check them out according to my level of excitement with the item.

Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask in Honey (1 pack)

I'm a sucker for facial moisturizers so Missha's 100% Pure Cotton Sheet Mask in Honey surely caught my attention. Missha masks are with serum derived from natural ingredients. 

Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask in Honey (1 pack)

Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 
Paula's Choice RESIST

I also liked Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting (Exfoliant) and Paula's Choice RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer (Moisturizer). What won me over? It says Color and Fragrance Free. The down side is, both are sachet samples which are good for one-time use only.

Clou Nail Beads
I'm not a fan of nail art, though I like getting fancy mani and pedi once in a while. But this could be an opportunity to learn nail art on my own. Hmmm, we'll see.

Total cost of the box - more or less Php1,014.05.
  1. Clou Spring Collection 2014 Pearl Beads (10g) - Full Size  Php450
  2. Clou Sparkle Sands (10g) - Full Size Php390
  3. Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting (Full Size 3.3 oz Php1,120 | Sample 0.1 floz Php33.93)
  4. Paula's Choice RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer (Full Size Php1420 | Sample 0.06 ml Php50.12 ) 
  5. Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask in Honey (1 pack) - Missha website $2.00 | Php90

My Conclusion:

For a Php300 per box (3-month subscription) for the Black Friday deal, getting more than Php1,000 is not so bad. I'm just disappointed that this Saladbox splurged on nail art beads that are too expensive for my taste. It would have made me happier if the box contained more of the Missha or Paula's Choice items.

I suppose Saladbox and I started on a wrong foot (certainly not mine!) and I'm giving them two more boxes to redeem themselves. The worst thing that you can do to a customer is to keep them waiting. I hope Saladbox will keep their promise of sending the box on time. Two more boxes to go.

So are you subscribed to Saladbox, too? What do you think of this box? If you are new to subscription boxes, check out the Saladbox website!



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