My Oryspa Experience Part I : Oryspa Wrap & Scrub

I recently discovered Oryspa at SM Calamba the other day. Oryspa is a beauty brand that uses rice bran based beauty and health products.

Oryspa came from the scientific name of rice, oryza sativa  and spa to mean rice spa.

Benefits of Rice Bran :

  • High in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B which are natural anti-oxidants
  • Rice Bran has Low Smoke Point -  It does not react easily to the heat of the sun (which is advantageous in a tropical weather).
  • Antibacterial

What intrigued me the most about their scrub is that they don't use fillers like sugar or salt. It is in dry concentrates. And look at the ingredients!

Rice bran, Oat, Arrowroot, Yam bean, Orange peel powder
Apricot kernels
Moroccan Rhassoul and French green clay - to absorb free radicals
Licorice, yam bean, bearberry extracts
Niacinamide (Vit B3/Niacin)
Xanthian Gum (as per Wikipedia, this is used to sustain viscosity / texture in ice cream. This is also gluten-free)
Citric Acid

How to prepare:

1. Mix with water, lotion (if you are planning to use it on your body), oil or fresh milk in a 1:1 proportion. Adjust according to your preferred consistency.
2. Gently apply to face and body.
3. Let it set for about 10 min or until it dries.
4. Scrub with wet fingers.
5. Rinse and pat dry.
6. Works best if followed up with your favorite moisturizer.

 My Experience


  • Easy to prepare
  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • The packaging is simple enough so I know that the purchase value is all of the ingredients and not on the expensive fancy packaging.
  • There is an instant whitening effect and the my skin feels smooth.

Not too positive:

  • There's too much apricot kernels. It feels rough on my face. My advice: scrub your face very, very gently. Works wonders, though on the soles of my feet and elbows.
  • I like the fact that it is "fragrance" free, but when I open the pack, the whiff is a bit off, in my opinion. It doesn't smell upon application though.



I would rate my experience as 8 out of 10. Will I purchase again? Yes.

 Check them out here:


  1. How "off" was the smell? I can't take it when the smell of the facial mask is downright bad because it will stay on my face for minutes.

    1. Just a bit off and it is only when you open the pack. But it won't smell when you mix it with water or milk (or lotion, for that matter) on aplllication. I suppose it's the Morrocan and French clays=) or just the combination of all those dry ingredients.

      And Thanks for putting up that question, I'll update the post to include additional information.

  2. I love to try this Oryspa Wrap & Scrub :) I like and love all natural ingrdients of a cosmetic product.

  3. Wow! This is such an interesting concept! I think I might actually go do this! Thanks for sharing! :D

  4. yeah.. It is my first time to read about a scrub that is in a form of rice bran. But I love more the scrub with the scents. ehehe


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