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I think I became a Sample Room member a year (or two years) ago, I don't remember. It was one of those sign-ups that I mechanically register to and forgot about.

I should have known sooner how Amazing it is to be a Sample Room member! When I started freelancing online as a Virtual Assistant, I realized that I have neglected my skin for a long time and I've looking out eversince for products that will help my skin rejuvenate.

So this year, I started reading around the blogosphere and I heard so much rave about Sample Room.

And the rest is history. :)

Let me introduce Sample Room first to those who are not yet familiar with sampling websites and beauty boxes.

Sample Room is a beauty and lifestyle sampling website, the first in the Philippines. Ever heard of TRY before YOU BUY? They have a wide array of sample (and full-sized) products that you can try first and see what works for you!

How To Get FREE Samples:

  1. Register at Sample Room
  2. You will get 100 points upon registration
  3. Get your samples with corresponding number of points
  4. Pay for  Shipping and Handling Fees (Check their S&H fees here)
  5. After Receiving you samples, TRY it out, and  POST a Review on the Sample Room website.
  6. Get back your points after reviewing + 2 additional points
  7. Get another Sample!
Easy peasy, huh? And I assure you, the value of the samples will compensate the shipping fee!

Since I never do anything half-heartedly, I registered also to be Sample Room VIP member. I wanted to try the h2O+  Oasis skincare line and due to the purchase value of the items, all were higher than 100 points. For an extra Php599, I get additional 1,000 points valid for 2 months. It's 1,000 points, ladies!

The Perks of Being a Sample Room VIP
Image Courtesy of Sample Room
Just you know, I'm already on my 3rd Sample Room haul. They deliver so fast I can barely keep up on my posting.

Don't you think it's time for you to join, too if you haven't already?

***Note: If you wish to register (it is FREE) and experience the perks, I could send you an invite by messaging me in the contact form in the footer with Subject Line: Invite me to Sample Room. I want to let you know that I will be earning 1 Sample Room Point.Otherwise, you can check out their website and sign up from there.

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