SaladBox June-July 2014 Korean Beauty : A Missha Exclusive

When Saladbox announced that the supposedly June box will become June-July box and will be shipped in July, I was like, "ok, whatever". I was really disappointed with the Runway Ready May 2014 SaladBox so I am not expecting anything anymore and I was just waiting for my three-month subscription to end. 

But then, as with life, miracles can really  happen. :D
I received my SaladBox June-July 2014 Missha-exclusive Korean Beauty box today and I was pleasantly surprised! 

Below is the curation card  for the Missha products included in the box:

Syn-Ake Cotton Sheet Mask (Full Size - Php150) I love all beauty products that have snail components in them so the Syn-Ake Cotton Sheet Mask is on the top of my list. Syn-Ake Cotton Sheet Mask is infused with syn-ake peptide, an anti-wrinkle formula patterned after snake venom that enhances and revitalizes skin. This is very suitable for mature skin. I can't wait to try this! I promise to do a separate post about this mask.

Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Skin Treatment (Sample Size only) 

Product Description from Missha website: 
The Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Skin Treatment is a skin awakening booster + toner to firm skin foundation and maximize the benefits of the products in this series. The soothing gel-type formula contains 30% Snail Slime Extract for glowing skin.

Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Essential Moisturizer (Sample Size only) 
Product Description from Missha website:
The Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Essential Moisturizer contains 40% Snail Slime Extract. It is a skin repairing lotion + essence in 1. This nourishing moisturizer regenerates damaged skin cells and strengthens them.
Dong Baek Gold Shampoo (Sample Size only) is a premium hair care system with highly pure natural Camellia Oil suitable for severly damaged hair. Dong Baek Gold Shampoo's main ingredientss are Camellia oil and Camellia Water.

L'eau De Missha Eau de Parfum "Stay Beside Me" (Sample Size only) 
Light and flirty Floral Muguet (Fruity) fragrance.
Top Notes- Orange, Lemon, Muguet
Middle Notes- Rose, Sambac, Magnolia, Peach
Base Notes- Cedar, Amber, Musk

The Style Lucid Berry Lips Lip Gloss (Full Size - Php599) I got the BE01 shade in light coral, it's a fruity jelly-textured gloss accentuated with pearl powders that add extra shine.

The Style Silky Soft Base in Violet (Full Size - Php770) Purple/violet make up base and concealers covers yellow in the skin. I think there is a green variant,too. I have to use this, I'll let you know soon :)

Delivers natural color for natural makeup
Evens skin tone with a silky and soft finish
Controls oily glossiness and maintains clean and fresh makeup all day long
Fresher finish that leaves skin lustrous and radiant
Strongly controls and absorbs sebum
Fresh touch and natural coverage that leaves the skin lustrous and radiant

That's all, folks. I really enjoyed my SaladBox this time. The box is valued at Php1500 excluding the sample items. I guess my love-hate relationship with SaladBox will continue for the time being.

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