[Point of View] Adult Coloring Books

Adult Coloring Books is all the rage since 2015 when in the US alone, coloring book sales shot up to 12 million copies sold, according to Nielsen's 2015 U.S. Book Industry Year-end Review

I recently joined the colorist bandwagon and bought a storm of coloring books like the Obra series, Johanna Basford's Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest and Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom.

So what's the hype all about?

Adult coloring books are being marketed as "stress-relieving", "mindful" and "relaxing". There's even a new research that ties coloring with anxiety-reduction and stress relief. We must be careful to note, though, that coloring should be considered as self-care hobby only and does not equate to art therapy. Even the experts from the American Art Therapy Association draws the line:

The American Art Therapy Association supports the use of coloring books for pleasure and self-care, however these uses should not be confused with the delivery of professional art therapy services, during which a client engages with a credentialed art therapist.

My Point of View:

Coloring certainly is a useful distraction, taking me away from my electronic gadgets for periods of time. I can take out my coloring book anywhere, anytime so I don't have to stress over traffic or get impatient while waiing for someone or something.

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