Pond's Flawless White Ultra Luminous Serum

Pond's Flawless White Ultra Luminous Serum

I've been into face serums these days as my skin has become dull and tired from lack of sleep. I still have the unfinished bottle of Dewy Tree 7cut White Dew Extreme Serum and Hayan Korea's Moisture Ampoule Coenzyme Q10, which of course I haven't done any reviews yet. Ha!

So, anyway.

Pond's Flawless White Ultra Luminous Serum
Pond's Flawless White Ultra Luminous Serum


Pond's Flawless White Ultra Luminous Serum comes in a metallic hot pink and silver coated plastic pump bottle. The narrow bottle is a perfect travel buddy as it will fit easily in any purse. The expiration date is also indicated on the bottle.

Claim to Fame

GenActiv™ combines two potent ingredients, Niacinamide (Vit B3) and 12HSA, that regulate the genes that control melanin production.

How to use: 

Use morning and evening, after cleansing your skin. Massage all over face in light, circular motions. 

My experience:

What I love about skin serums is that it is more lightweight than face creams and Pond's Flawless White Ultra Luminous Serum  is no exception. It takes about 2 pumps to use on my entire face. I noticed that there are micro-glitters on my face upon application. I'm not sure if it will show on the picture, but there is! Really. If that (micro-glitters) will make my skin "luminous", then I don't want it! It spells "residue" for me.

I felt slightly greasy shiny and not dewy when I applied it when my skin is already dry. I would suggest to use it right after cleansing when the skin is still a bit damp. I think this serum will work perfectly for normal to dry skin like mine but not for oily skin.

The powdery smell is a bit overpowering but it dissipates as you apply it on the skin. Maybe it's just me but I really like to stay away from too fragrant cosmetics because it just reminds me of the (unnecessary) chemicals on my skin.

 I don't care much about whitening, I'm more concerned about my dark spots because yeah, I was careless with the sun when I was younger. I have one large age spot on my right cheek that is like 4mm in diameter. I actually measured it with a ruler, wouldn't you know? Tehee!

What I like:
  • I like the packaging. It looks classy and expensive.
  • It leaves a powdery scent (I'm on the fence about this, though.)
  • Price is reasonable and available everywhere

What I don't like:

  • Fragrance (I feel it is unnecessary)
  • It is not Paraben-Free

Will I repurchase? Yes!

For me, the price of Php480 (around $11) for a 30ml bottle is reasonable, considering it's a serum and not just a regular moisturizer. Pond's products are also very accessible for purchase because it is available everywhere.

You can read more about Flawless White Ultra Luminous Serum from the Pond's website.

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