Sample Room Loot: Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick (Temptress)

Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick. ― Gwyneth Paltrow
I don't know but I feel so confident with a red lipstick on!

When Sample Room recently offered the Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick, I chose the Temptress shade right away! The Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick (Temptress) is a deep shade of red and it compliments my lip tone perfectly.

 Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick has a little see-through window for easy shade identification.

My Experience


  • Affordable -  Regular price is only Php350. You can avail them through Tupperware dealers near you.
  • Staying Power - Colour Collection really delivered their promise of ultimate wear! It stayed on me for 5 hours. It left a nice, even stain after I had my lunch. I think it would've stayed longer if I didn't have my afternoon shower (afternoons could be so hot)!
  • Easy Application - Glides very smoothly and evenly.
  • Moisturizing - My lips doesn't feel dry at all, did not chap even after a couple of hours.
  • Slim Packaging - It has a very slim, sleek look and I can see through the shade so I can choose the perfect shade in a rush.

Not so positive:

  • I can't think of anything.
You might want see the rest of my Sample Room hauls here or of you wish, can try before you buy as a Sample Room member.

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  1. Lipstick is the only cosmetic I can wear everyday. Thank you for the review.

  2. I love this shade as this goes with any skin tone.

  3. Wanderer Juan22 March, 2014

    The color looks nice, this is an informative review for those who are looking for good value lipstick.

  4. Red suits you well! You might also try other shades as well. :D

  5. This local makeup brands are the lifesavers for people in our society who can't afford those higher price brands but definitely giving the same effect and the most important is the wearer itself you can take any expensive brands but if you don't suit it well it is useless - let us just see the model here who wore it perfectly,

  6. I'm also a fan of red, red lipstick. I can't pull any other color as well.

  7. This lipstick must really be good then if you can't think of anything negative. For me, as long as the lasting power is great and it provides moisture then it's a good buy. :)

  8. I actually like the shade. And the price is not that bad too. And I also love it that it stayed on for 5 hours. Great.

  9. I don't know much about make-up but I think it looks good on you basing it from your photo.

  10. That lip color seems really nice. I never tried that brand before but it's worth checking it out.

  11. It's nice that you found a lasting and affordable lipstick.

  12. I like colour collection. But instead of red I prefer pink or peach color since it makes me look younger.

  13. I love Colour Collection. Even their BB Cream works super well for me, and I have really sensitive skin. The only problem I have with it is it's not available commercially. Unless you have a suking Tupperware Lady, it's hard to get your hands on these products.

  14. I should bought this to my girlfriend. I hope she would like it.

  15. I haven't tried that product yet :) I will check it out in the market. Thanks!

  16. I wonder if they also offer lip balm for men? I'm on the look for a good one especially that summer can def dry lips.


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